Healing Sessions

Welcome to the Temple of Healing!

I invite you on a transformational journey of deep healing where we will work with all the energetic bodies for a full Mind, Body and Spirit rejuvenation.

I am willingly open to hold a Sacred Space for each one of you in your healing process, releasing traumas and anything that no longer serves you in an organic way, by offering you both alchemical medicine products and Angelic Healing Sessions, using the tools that I received from the Spiritual Light Hierarchy in the service of Love and Light.

The healing energies go first to your Higher Self and your Higher Self’s wisdom directs it appropriately and in alignment with the I AM presence and God.

The Angelic Healing Sessions will help you reclaim your personal power and wisdom, so that you can be at peace in your life. It is from this space that you can easily access your higher guidance. It is then that you are empowered to do the Divine Will of God and change absolutely EVERYTHING in your life.

It is necessary to take full responsibility for ourselves and heal our own wounds and traumas first, because when we heal ourselves, a ripple effect takes place and we automatically help others towards healing themselves and shifting their consciousness.

Healing Sessions :

(Long distance)

*Lemurian Temple Crystal
for deep healing, vibrational and consciousness leap – 30 minutes / 33 euro

*Cosmic Central Sun Golden Sphere of Light
for healing, clearing and protection – 30 minutes / 33 Euro

*Archangel Uriel Golden Sphere
for deep clearing, energy extraction, dissolving lower energy and healing – 30 minutes / 33 Euro

*Archangel Uriel Holy Water
for rejuvenation, raising vibration, clarity and purity – 30 minutes / 33 Euro

*Quan Yin Healing Energy
for deep clearing, transformation and all level healing – 30 minutes / 33 Euro

*Ultra Violet Fire
for deep clearing, cleansing, dissolving unhealthy cords and lower energies – 30 minutes / 33 Euro

*Merlin’s Magick Wand
for instant manifestation – 15 Minutes / 55 Euro

*Womb Fire Ritual
for deep Womb healing, ancestral and past lives traumas healing, clearing and manifestation – 45 minutes / 88 Euro

** Once you book a Healing Session, you will receive further informations in order to obtain the best results.**

**Before all the Healing Sessions, I recommend you to have light, organic fresh meals, to avoid alcohol and any intoxication substances and spend time in Nature, to benefit from a pure divine Inner Alchemy Transformation.**

**During the Healing Sessions, I recommend you to create a high vibrational and relaxing environment. You can either lay down in bed, make a Sacramental bath or stay in a meditation position, whatever feels more relaxing to you, so the energies will be fully received and breathe consciously.
Invite your Spiritual Light Team, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Master, etc. to be with you during all the Healing Session.**

If you resonate with my practices and products, feel free to contact me, or book a Healing Session.
I am always here for you!

May the plan of Love and Light forever prosper!

Alessandra Neagu