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Dark Moon & New Moon Ritual Celebration

“The story that the Moon tells is of birth, growth, fullness, decay, disappearance, with rebirth and growth again.”

Moon phases

Working within the Moon phases is one of the keys to success in spell casting and rituals for witches and those who desire to work within the laws of Nature. It is wise to time your magical rites to coincide with the proper phase of the Moon. By doing this you take advantage of lunar power, stay in sympathy with the natural pull of the Universe, and combine your energy with Nature’s.

The Dark Moon and the New Moon are two different celebrations.

On the Dark Moon, when the moon it’s at her 0% illumination, we celebrate Deipnon.
And at the New Moon, which is the day after the Dark Moon, when the first sliver of the New Moon appears and the moon begins her cycle again, we celebrate Noumenia.

This month we’ll be celebrating:
Dark Moon – on 28 September 2019
New Moon – on 29 September 2019


The Dark Moon (astronomical New Moon) represents the last day of the lunar month, when there is no light reflected from the moon at all.
The time of the Dark Moon is celebrated as the Deipnon in some traditions and gives us an excellent and potent time for a ritual of introspection, healing, retreat and focus on what we want to remove from our lives.

The energy of the Dark Moon has a different effect upon us, pulling us deep within ourselves. It’s the best time to practice de-manifestation and shadow work. The purpose of the dark phase of any cycle is that of transition between the death of the old and the birth of the new.
The Dark of the Moon symbolize illumination, divination and the powers of healing.
We honor the Triple Goddess in Her Crone aspect at this time.
The Deipnon is also a time when we express our gratitude and devotion to Hekate for all her blessings in our lives.
In Greek, deipnon means “the evening meal”, usually the largest meal of the day.

You can start the ritual by purifying and cleanse your home/space, by lighting your favorite incense and decorate your altar in the name of the Goddess.

Taking a ritual bath before doing the Deipnon ritual is a powerful method of spiritual and psychological preparation. You can use salts, essential oils, herbs and crystals. The intention for such a bath is usually to clense yourself of lower energies and to open up to divine connection.

Invocations, prayers and chants dedicated to the Great Goddess are more than welcome at this time.

You can write a list with everything that no loger serves you, like unhealthy emotions, thoughts, behaviours, etc. and offer it to the fire of the Goddess. This is such a powerful exercise of cleaning and rejuvenating.
Take time to share your deepest gratitude to the Fierce Goddess.


New Moon over Acropolis

The Deipnon is always followed the next day by Noumenia, when the first sliver of the moon is visible and is held in honor of Selene, Hestia, Hermes, Apollon Noumenios, and the other Hellenic household Gods.

In ancient Greece, Noumenia was the day where no other rituals were held and it was known as the day of incense burning. Different resins and herbs were burned in front of the depictions of the Goddess as a sacrifice.
Noumenia is the first day of the lunar month and is considered “the holiest of days”, representing a time of initiation and new beginnings.

On the New Moon it’s the best time to plant the seeds in our sacred wombs of what we want to manifest in the month ahead and in the near future. This includes intention setting as well.
The darkness is lit with the translucent quality of transformation; and during this essential and necessary period, life is prepared to be born.

In my practice I prepare a sacred space and I invite the Great Goddess and Fire Goddesses to help me clean my womb with their sacred fires before I start the process of planting the seeds of what I want to manifest (in accordance with the Divine Will of God and only if it is for my higher purpose). I allow the fire of transformation to burn anything that no longer serves me and then I connect my womb to the Great Womb of Creation.

Then I visualize one by one the golden seeds, I set the intention for each of them and visualize it as it is already manifested. I ask for the seeds be blessed by God, Mother Gaia and the Goddesses and then I plant them, one by one, in the fertile soil of my womb.

At the end, I bow down in gratitude and accept this as done.

You can include this beautiful and sacred hymn for Noumenia’s ritual:

Goddess Selene

Orphic Hymn 9 (to Goddess Selene)

Hear, Goddess Queen (thea basileia), diffusing silver light,
bull-horned, and wandering through the gloom of night.
With stars surrounded, and with circuit wide night’s torch extending,
through the heavens you ride:
female and male, with silvery rays you shine,
and now full-orbed, now tending to decline.
Mother of ages, fruit-producing Mene (Moon),
whose amber orb makes night’s reflected noon:
lover of horses, splendid queen of night,
all-seeing power, bedecked with starry light,
lover of vigilance, the foe of strife,
in peace rejoicing, and a prudent life:
fair lamp of night, its ornament and friend,
who givest to nature’s works their destined end.
Queen of the stars, all-wise Goddess, hail!
Decked with a graceful robe and amble veil.
Come, blessed Goddess, prudent, starry, bright,
come, moony-lamp,
with chaste and splendid light,
shine on these sacred rites with prosperous rays,
and pleased accept thy suppliants’ mystic praise.

May the plan of Love and Light forever prosper!

Alessandra Neagu

Mabon: Season of the Witch

September 21st marks the 2019 Autumn Equinox, which it’s also the date that witches celebrate Mabon, one of the Wiccan harvest festivals in the Wheel of the Year.

The Sabbat is named for the Mabon, the Welsh God, who symbolized the male fertilizing principle in the Welsh myths. Mabon is a Fire Festival and one of the Lesser Sabbats.

All Sabbats are occasions to express gratitude to the God and Goddess for the blessings in our lives, but Mabon is particularly so, coming at the height of the harvest season.
We give thanks for the abundance in our lives, as the sun is about to enter Libra, the cardinal air sign of balance.
Mabon celebrates the balance of opposing forces, light/dark, life/death, etc. with the understanding that after this moment of balance, darkness and death will reign for a time, until Ostara or the Spring Equinox.

Mabon is the Witch’s Great Feast of Thanksgiving, a celebration of the Earth’s bounty and it represents a time of plenty of gratitude and of sharing our abundance with those less fortunate. It’s a time when Wiccans gather in their symbolic (and sometimes literal) harvest, give thanks to the Gods for help, to the ancestors and living helpers.
For this reason the full moon closest to Mabon is known as the “Harvest Moon” or “Wine Moon”.
As Autumn is welcomed on this Sabbat, day and night are of equal lengths; Nature is in balance. It is time to appreciate the light and the dark aspects of life, and to appreciate the sacrifice of our God through the harvesting of the crops. It is through His sacrifice that we may live through the Dark half of the Wheel. Our God now awaits rebirth within the womb of our Goddess.

The God is now aged, his power on the wane. He will die at Samhain and sacrifice himself to the Earth before rebirth at Yule. The Goddess is croning, she too is aged, but resplendent in the prime of her power and wisdom. The earth in the hands of the Goddess will enjoy one last flash of colour, beauty and abundance before settling to sleep as the waiting period for Yule begins.

As we enter the season of autumn, we have the opportunity to take a long and fruitful journey with the Goddess Persephone.
At Mabon, we celebrate Persephone as the Dark Queen of the Underworld, Goddess of the soul who possesses it’s dark and frightening mysteries. As maiden, she brings forth new life when the Earth begins to waken from a long winter’s sleep. As Dark Queen, Persephone rules the Underworld, and with her sickle, is prepared to reap what has been sown.

Goddess Persephone

It is time to complete projects, to clear out and let go that which is no longer wanted or needed as we prepare for descent, so that the winter can offer a time for reflection and peace. And it is time to plant seeds of new ideas and hopes which will lie dormant but nourished in the dark, until the return of Spring.


To celebrate this Sabbat, you can prepare your altar and decorate it with flowers, herbs and fresh harvested fruits, crystals, candles in gold-orange-red autumn colors, divination objects, Gods and Godesses’s statues and anything that you feel guided to add.

Cleanse yourself (your group) and your space with white sage and burn some myrrh/frankincense, or any incense of your choice.
Invite your Spiritual Guides, Ascended Masters, Angelic Realm, Gods and Goddesses to be with you during this gathering. Be open to receive their blessings.

The ritual may include prayers, invocations, spells, meditations and exercises for gratitude, de-manifestation, manifestation, balance, prosperity, harmony and protection.

This is the time of the Dark Mother, the Crone aspect of the triple Goddess.
Honor the Dark Mother at Mabon, the Goddess associated with darkness and shadows.

This ritual welcomes the archetype of the Dark Mother and celebrates that aspect of the Goddess which we may not always find comforting or appealing, but which we must always be willing to acknowledge.
With this ocassion, the Dark Goddesses are called upon in rituals to help us heal from trauma, fear, grief, or any lower energies.

The Crone – Dark Goddess/Mother

Be creative and let Nature flow gently through you and guide you and your group during all celebration. ­­

If you feel guided, join our Mabon God-dess Circle for this sacred celebration:

You may include this beautiful Prayer to the triple Goddess :

Maiden, Mother, Crone

Maiden, Goddess, brilliant one, fair as the last frost,
lace-etched on the earth, gone with the morning sun.
All is new, all is bright, all is green grass and dew,
dancing feet in the white seafoam, wet sand clinging,
tangled hair crowned with ribbons and wild flowers,
wide-open eyes taking in the wild new world.
With each uncertain step we take into the now,
we know you;
with each leap of faith, each fool’s journey,
each promise of life not yet fulfilled,
we know you.
Facing the broad future with a smile and a sigh,
with trust in the world, with the dauntlessness of youth.
Maiden, Goddess, I call to you, I ask your favor!

Mother, Goddess, radiant one, giver of life,
granter of gifts simple and profound, primal and raw.
Firm-footed, kind-hearted one, blossom in full bloom,
wind-blown fields of gold and heavy-fruited trees,
a warm rain falling on the soft earth, green and lush,
the flourishing of life and wit and vision.
Rooted in the deep earth, in bones and blood we feel
your might, we know you in the tides that turn the world,
the hand on the cradle, the feast of first harvest,
the kicking child within the womb,
the hot sun on our heads,
the warm breeze tousling our children’s hair.
Mother, Goddess, I call to you, I ask your favor!

Elder, goddess, shining one, wise in all things.
The copper mums, the last bright leaves on the trees,
the first frost sinking into the soil,
the first snow clinging to the evergreen, its branches hanging low,
the thin ice breaking under your step, the long nights,
the knife-sharp wind, the darkening days, the earth at rest.
Whether in peace or in rage, an end comes to all things–
in both lie a wisdom, in both lie a rightness.
We know you when our every breath comes out in clouds,
we know your guiding hand, the refuge of your arms,
we know your might in the full course of our lives.
Elder, Goddess, I call to you, I ask your favor!

May the plan of Love and Light forever prosper!

Alessandra Neagu