Auset: Mistress of Magick Elixir

Auset: Mistress of Magick Elixir
10 ml

Auset: Mistress of Magick Elixir

10 ml – 33 €

Auset (Isis in Greek) is one of the earliest and most beloved representations of the Great Goddess. She is the Egyptian Goddess of health, fertility, marriage, love, nature and magic. She was also known as the Mistress of Magick and Medicine, Mistress of Charms and Enchantments, Queen of Heaven, Queen of the Throne, Giver of Life, The Lady of Great Magick and the Divine Mourner. She empowers us to use the healing power of love and gratitude and to raise the energy level of the physical body by connecting to the Source. She is proficient in divination, healing, power and wisdom. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead she is described as “she who gives birth to Heaven and Earth”.

Auset: Mistress of Magick Elixir contains herbs, oils / essential oils and gemstones sacred to our Beloved Goddess Isis and it is made with natural bio/organic ingredients, magical intent, following lunar magic and esoteric herbalism principles.

This ritualic blend is used to:

-Deepen the connection with Goddess Auset

-Increase power in magical rites and rituals

-Enhance psychic abilities, intuition

-Awaken the healing abilities

-Guard against the unseen power of evil

-Develop absolute control over magic

-Light the way through the darkness

-Release any unwanted energies, emotions, thoughts

-Aid support in transmutation

-Embrace the magical and alchemical powers of Auset

-Bring balance, harmony, truth, integrity, morality, justice and divine order

Auset: Mistress of Magick Elixir is a powerful Sacred oil, combining the therapeutic and healing properties of Blue Lotus, Rose Absolute (Damasc Rose), Geranium, Myrrh, Frankincense and Cardamon pure essential oils, pure 24K Gold, ORMUS (Monoatomic Gold) and Obsidian crystal in a base of Organic Mugwort oil.

The Sacred Alchemical Oil was charged, blessed and purified using the power of the Full Moon and it is filled with the Light & Love of God and healing energies of the Lemurian Crystal, for a powerful, yet gentle deep work. This is a truly omnipotent oil, with the ability to integrate all the beneficial magical and alchemical powers of Auset.

Mistress of Magick is a ritualic oil and it can be used as an anointing oil, in sacred body massage, bath oil, by adding a few drops on your chakras before meditation / reflection / channeling / ritual, to anoint sacred objects, tools, amulets, candles, or in any way that you feel guided.

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Our Sacred oils should be used with care topically (never internally).
Do not use on broken or irritated skin.
A skin patch test is recommended for those with sensitive skin.
If Irritation occurs, discontinue use.
If pregnant or suffering from a medical condition seek advice before use.
Avoid contact with eyes and keep out of the reach of children.

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