Welcome to Temple du Heka, a Divine Sanctuary where our Magick is revived.
Let’s walk together on this initiatory journey where we will go deeper
into the Mysteries of Magick, Herbalism, Alchemy, Aromatheraphy,
Moonology, Witchcraft and Myrrhophores practices.
I invite you on a transformational odyssey into the Inner Temple.
That is the place where the Magick begins!


Temple du Heka was inspired by a deep love for Nature’s Medicine and the beauty and bounty it provides to all of us. It was created by a devotion to grow deep roots into the green heart of the Earth that would blossom into a graceful tree of life and healing for all.

Temple du Heka elixirs are based on Wise Women traditions and sacred plant medicine practices that pays tribute to the healers and medicine wo(men) before us, while praising and appreciating the Earth and plant spirits for everything they provide us.

Temple du Heka’s shop is specialized in producing and offering for sale Organic esoteric products and natural remedies for physical, emotional and spiritual transformations, deep healing, rituals and magical practices, witchcraft, spirituality and beauty care.

All the products have been made with natural Bio Organic ingredients, magical intent, following lunar magic and esoteric herbalism principles. Each and every product is made with love and it is created out of the deepest respect and gratitude for the plant and Mother Nature,
beautifully packed in glass bottles and containers.

Temple du Heka was officially launched in June 2019 and the esoteric products were available starting December 2019, after finishing the Master Herbalism Diploma course. This magical journey was guided by my Soul and the Divine, so that I may follow my dreams
and my true calling in life.

About Alessandra Neagu

As a Priestess of Magick, a mystical witch, a keeper of the Wisdom,
my mission is to bring back the True Mysteries of Heka, using the force of Nature
through magical herbalism practices, for developing the most powerful medicine.

I am a representative of Mother Nature, whose work inspire the hidden children
of the Goddess in their magical and spiritual work.

My calling is to help women and men remember their ancient heritage of Medicine Healing Ways and assist any individual who’s on the path of ascension by awakening their psychic abilities, reclaim their sovereignty, using magick that is rooted into the green heart of Mother Earth, celebrating the cycles of life, death and rebirth, and honoring the sacred web of life.

I am willingly open to hold a Sacred Space for each one of you in your healing process, releasing traumas and anything that no longer serves you in an organic way, through Sacramental Rituals. In that way you can tap your ancestral memory and connect deeper with your Divine Soul and God, to receive the true guidance and mystical revelations.

You are not alone!

Together we will discover how to nourish and adorn ourselves through self love rituals, Herbal Medicine, Sacred Elixirs and Divine potions, Holy anointing oils, ointments, occult perfumery, enchanted herbs & honeys, blessed salts, tinctures, prayers and so much more.

The plants and herbs are the most generous beings, teachers, healers and friends. Allow me teach you to listen to them, to appreciate and use them gracefully. These wise elders will guide you on your divine path of healing your mind, body, heart and soul. And as we heal ourselves, we also heal the world.


I received initiations into the Mysteries of Isis, Alchemy of Horus, Temple Priestess
and I have been blessed with tools of healing by the Light Spiritual Hierarchy
that I am using for the service of Light.
I studied Magical Herbalism course, passing with a distinction.
I have also studied Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy, Myrrhophore practices,
Moonology, Green & Kitchen Witchery.

May the plan of Love and Light forever prosper!

Alessandra Neagu